Moby Dick

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You have probably read an amazing story of Moby Dick, written by Herman Melville in 1800. If you did, you surely couldn’t help but thought about taking a ship and heading towards the adventures.
Now, thanks to RabCat, you have an amazing opportunity to become a part of the story and try to destroy the ship of Captain Ahab, who is chasing the whale. It is a completely unique adventure and you have seats in a first row!
RabCat is one of the top providers of slot games, so it is not surprising that Moby Dick can boast great animation and sounds. The drama of the plot intensifies with deep music, recreating sounds of the sea, creaking wood and seagulls.
Moby Dick is your unique opportunity to discover all the wonders of the sailing life, avoiding danger and sea sickness. Join the fan club of this game and get the maximum out of your bet!

How to play and win

To get started, you need to click the ‘bet’ button and choose the size of your bets. Make sure you make a decision wisely and have some cash in store to prolong the joy from the game. When you are ready, just press the ‘Spin’ button and start the journey!

Moby Dick slot game offers various profitable features:

  • The Wild is the wheel of the ship, which is able to replace other symbols and create winning combinations;
  • Free spins. This mode is activated when four or more whale’s mouth symbols (scatters) appear on one spin. For four, five and six scatters you get 10, 12 and 15 free spins respectfully. If you have more than seven scatters, you can opt for 20 free spins! Make sure you pay careful attention to the wilds on the central reel, as they are the one to help you win free spins and even more bonuses;
  • Win Freezing. When you play the initial game, this feature is played when you hit a winning combo. The re-spins can be played over and over again, while you hit a matching symbol or a wild. Scatters can freeze, which means that you can make a shot to change a symbol and wait for a winning combination to appear.

Moby Dick is definitely a game, which is worth your attention, as it is created for those, who value not only the game itself but a thoughtful plot and an outstanding interface.