Pai Gow Poker

Pai gow poker online gameplay

There is a diversity of the Chinese domino game named pai gow poker, which is popular thanks to its low risk. It is absolutely not problematic to learn how to play pai gow poker, where most hands are totally obvious and the remaining are not difficult to master. Every gambler is against one dealer hand, and that makes a game being social and fun!

Sam Torosian created that game in 1985. Sam Torosian owned the card club of southern California. However, instead of making millions by inventing games, Sam was informed that it’s impossible to patent card game. After it became so popular in his own casinos, others started to offer the game in theirs as well, without paying Sam a dime.

General rules

So before playing pai gow poker online it could be essential to learn pai gow poker rules, besides, they are pretty easy.

The game is opening with the bet, as any poker, after it every gambler is given a hand of 7 cards and can make two random poker hands through those seven cards.

Five-card hand is named “bottom hand”, as well as “big hand” or “high hand”; a two-card hand has several names, such as “front hand”, “low hand”, “top hand”, “small hand” or “minor hand”.

The first one (five-card hand) must be superior than the two-card hand. It means if a player got a pair of aces, a 3, a 5, a 7, a 10 and a joker, he is to use the ace pair for creating the five-card hand. The pairs, especially those of aces are the best two-card hands any player can create.

Once the two hands are created, they are put in front of the five-card poker hand.

The joker doesn’t play its usual role in pai gow online. But joker might be used by players for creating a Flush or Straight. In other cases it can just replace the ace.

The amount of cards is 52 plus one joker.

There exists one more term called “banking”, which means the player can bet versus the dealer and other players in that game. The player can refuse from bank (it happens very often), and that option goes to the next player or dealer.

Pai Gow strategies

  • Any player wants to inquire how to win in pai gow poker. I’s very easy when you follow some simple tips. At first it carries a face of a tough game, but right as you learn the strategies, the game is starts to be nothing but delight.
  • The goal of the gambler is to make two strong hands. Each of them shall be superior than the one created by dealer.
  • In case the players’ hands cannot make straight, flush or pair, they must assign the best cards they have in five-card poker hand. The next best cards will create the two-card hand; the other cards are to create five-card hand.
  • If the gambler has a pair, he uses it for making a five-card hand, and the next best cards ought to serve for creating the two-card hand. The rest (three cards) must serve to make the five-card hand.
  • In case a gambler has three pairs, the best of them is for creating the two-card hand.
  • In case a gambler has three aces, two of them might be used for making five-card hand and he puts the other ace pair in the two-card hand.
    1, 5% is the percent of house advantage of pai gow poker game. Despite of the low advantage the players still lose often than win.
  • However some strategies allow playing longer and avoiding losses.
  • If a gambler is offered to be the dealer, he’d better use the chance at once.
  • Important! Gamblers’ two-card hand should by no means be better than their five-card hand. If that mistake is made, both hands can be lost.
  • A gambler isn’t recommended to blow its total bankroll on pai gow poker.
  • You don’t loose money on the chance one of your hands is superior than the dealer’s. Splitting your hand in a way that would give you the strongest two-card hand is a common strategy.

Who is the winner?

The hands of the banker are correlated with the hands of each gambler. Both hands made by the gambler must be superior than those made by the dealer. Once one of the hands of the gambler is better than the hand of the dealer, the game is over and the gambler gets his bet back. The dealer wins in case his hands are better, the player is loosing his bet money. If their hands appear to be equal, the dealer wins!