Video Poker

Video poker cards

Free gambling has become a favorite time spending when someone needs to relax and kill some time or win some real money. Online video poker game is put in the list of the most sought after online games. And one does not really need to spend all the time playing free video poker slot machines, as they say enough is enough. But making few bets form time to time helps relaxing from the day-to-dayness and find new experience.

Short history of video poker

The history of free online video poker goes 4 decades back when it was first introduced in Las Vegas, the world’s gambling capital. There existed earlier analogues, like the one presented in the Big Apple city in the end 19th century, but they certainly had no video feed. Today, with the extreme raise of technological progress, there exist numerous kinds of video poker slot machines, one only needs to choose the one that suits him and is reliable enough. People around the globe just love playing it. And the thrill from playing this cool poker game is a bit different from playing a simple poker. To play this one a player has to be aware of the basic rules of 5 card draw poker and slot games.

Rules and strategies

Video poker games enjoy high level of popularity as it is always the player’s choice what kind of game to play. A simple step of authorization and a user is free to start any poker game they like.
It is very simple and enjoyable playing video poker game for free. You select your favorite game and play it relaxing at home or elsewhere. Due to modern technologies to play video poker is even more impressive than the real one as the special effects and graphics simple amaze. It is also rather a simple game. You are given 5 cards after which you are free to use your right of keeping them or exchanging. Clicking Play will take you further. The winning depends on the value of hand at the end of the round.

In the gambling universe you will be finding tons of various video poker online offers, each of which has its level of complexity. It is considered that the easiest one and the basic of other sorts of video poker is Jacks or Better. It is advisable to start with this one of you only get acquainted with playing video poker slot machines as it will give you a good practice and better understanding of other types of games.

As it was mentioned above different video poker slots use different strategies. If you have mastered the simplest one you may want to go further and try something more complex. We offer several popular strategies for playing video poker. Which poker strategy is the best? There is no simple answer, unfortunately. It all depends on how the game goes, your hand, etc. You have to adapt and think few steps ahead, keeping in mind few strategies and combining them.

You should never discard a combination of royal and straight flush, full house, 3 and 4 of a kind or a 2-pair. Although, when having 3 of a kind, you can discard the two cards that remained for a chance in case of 4 of a kind and keep open your full house opportunities. You can also discard for a chance the 5th remaining card in case of 2 pair at a full house.
A pair of Jacks or Better can be broken up in case you hold four cards to royal flush, or it may be lower straight flush.

A lower pair is more beneficial than single high card like ace, king and queen or jack.

One of the missing cards at 4-card inside straight is more likely to be in the middle than in the end. Exception is the case when at least three high cards are included. There is a pace open for completing the hand in 4-card open straight. And there is also a space in the middle of inside straight that is to be filled for completing the hand. If a player has open straight he has twice as many cards to fill the straight which is obviously a better chance.

For a beginner it all may seem tough at the beginning. Practice and attention will improve your skills faster than you think. And you will be surprised how quick you can proceed to more difficult strategies and win.

Video poker tips and tricks

We would like to give you several helpful tips before you proceed to playing. First of all you have to give an honest assessment of your knowledge and skills about playing free online video poker. Second, we recommend taking into account the amount of combination and hand. Normally, when playing any games you will be seeing a table of wining combinations on the screen. However, you will only make on if you learn about them beforehand since this will give you a clue what cards to keep and how to win money.

Other advices include always setting a specific sum of real money for every game not to send more that you even have. Also, never play while being under effect of alcohol since you may do what you will regret of later.