Online baccarat gameplay

Baccarat has a reputation of a romantic and mysterious game, which is played only by sophisticated players and by those, who love high bets and risk. However, the rules are quite simple and anyone can participate, not depending on the level of skills or income.

The game is quite simple: you bet on one of three possible outcomes:

  • A banker wins;
  • A player wins;
  • A tie.

The results of every round are reflected on the screen and each player has a chance to see the overall record and base the decisions on potential outcomes. First thing you need to do is to bet on the banker, the player or a tie by placing the chips on a corresponding circle on the table. After clicking the ‘deal’ button, the participants will get two cards each. Depending on the type of the casino, cards are dealt by program or live dealer. The winning hand is the one, which has a higher value. If both hands are ‘tied’ and you didn’t bet on such an outcome, you lose. If the total count consists of two digits, only the second digit counts. For example, 7+6 = 13. The baccarat result equals 3. The player plays first and gets a third card if the value of two cards is between zero and five. The banker also has a chance to get extra cards if the value of his hand equals to zero, one or two.

There is a huge number of baccarat NZ casino game variations, so you will surely select the one you are mostly interested in. Such variations include Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco and A Deux Tableau. They can be played both: for money and free of charge.

Short history of  baccarat

It is quite challenging to track the history of baccarat creation, as there are no trustworthy sources, which would date back to those times. However, most of the experts think that baccarat has derived from a religious ceremony, conducted by Etruscans. Others think that it was invented by Felix Falquierein, an Italian croupier, in 15th century. There are also those, who claim that baccarat originated in France.

Despite the mixed roots and complications to indicate its origin, this game remained popular for centuries and was played by the upper classes all across the world. Now it is popular in world casinos and more and more players want to learn how to play baccarat NZ online.

Rules and strategies

Although there are lots of baccarat variations, the rules apply to all of the cases and you need know how to use them in order to win and get a positive impression from the game. The most popular and profitable strategy is called the 1-3-2-4 system.

It was invented by Fortune Palace in 2006 and since then was applied to the games, where bets are close to 50/50 chances, like baccarat or roulette. It is based on a famous 1-3-2-6 system, although is modified to reduce the variance of wins and losses by betting four units on the fourth bet. In such a way, you will be able to win even if the last bet loses. In 1-3-2-4 strategy, you keep two units from the six you have already won.

The name comes from a simple sequence of winning bets: 1,3,2,4. If your bet wins, go to the next bet in the sequence. If it loses, go to the start. If you win four bets and finish the sequence, you can go back to the start, already having 10 units of profit! Remember, if you bet, for example, NZ$ 10, your bet sequence is 10, 30, 20 and 40.

Baccarat tips and tricks

If you want to enjoy casino baccarat to the fullest, you need to pay attention to the main tips and advice, which will be of a great help, not depending on your level of skills.

  • Don’t make the tie bet. While the banker and player bets have a house edge of 1,06% and 1,24% respectfully, it reaches 14,4% with the tie bet! It means that you will lose 14,4 units for every 100 wagered units;
  • Select the banker until it losses. The banker has higher chances to win, so it would be a nice idea to stick to betting on it. However, it doesn’t mean that the situation will repeat over and over again;
  • Pay attention to mini-baccarat. It is a quick variation of a traditional baccarat with around 200 decisions made at a time, so you can lose quite an impressive sum. If you still want to select this game, stick to the Banker-only strategy. Bet on the Banker until it loses. Then wait until Player loses and bet on Banker again;
  • Manage money. Although it is a fun game, which seems simple and rewarding, you shouldn’t forget that you may lose impressive sums. Limit your budget and make a pause, when you feel like reaching the limit.