Craps table and dices

Craps is not an easy game to play, yet it’s not that hard. You need to be attentive to the rules in order to get the maximum out of the game and have a chance to make profits. In this section, we will give the main information on how to play craps and benefit from all the areas of the field. Playing craps requires logic, knowledge and patience. Learn how to play craps with our basic guide!

The game is built on rounds, which consist of rolls. The first roll is called the come out and can be crucial in the whole game, because 2,3,7,11 or 12 on the roll will end the round. Any other combination is called a point. A puck is placed on the table to remember what the current point is. The dice will be rolled until the same point or 7 is rolled. When it happens, the dice stops and winning bets are paid.

The betting process is quite simple: you need to click on the chip you are willing to bet on craps table. Make as many clicks as you want until you reach the desired amount of the bet. In some versions of online craps areas, where bets can be placed, will turn green and those, which are forbidden, will turn red.

Short history of craps

Casino games always have various theories of origin that is why it is almost impossible to get a clear idea of how the game was invented. Craps is not an exception and has several theories of origin, all of which are quite interesting and useful. Probably the game was based on a mixture of the main theories, which makes it one of the most vivid examples among other online games.

Most of the historians think that this game emerged from Hazard, an Old English game and from Crabes, a French game. It was originally introduced in Louisiana by a famous gambler and politician in the end of 18th and beginning of 19th centuries. However, the game had several flaws, because it was easily manipulated. In 1907 John Winn introduced a modernized version and it had a ‘don’t pass bet’ area, which fixed the dice problem. It was the version that is almost identical to the game, as we currently know it.

Rules and strategies

When you play craps online it is important to understand the rules of payouts to get an idea of how the betting system works. In such a way, you will be able to predict the outcome and increase your profits. You should also understand the probability of occurrence of various combinations on the roll.

There is also a huge variety of bets, so the best option will be to consult the tutorial of a particular website to know what the payout and the house edge are. For example, if you pass, the payout will be 1 to 1 with a house edge of 1,41%. If you are laying odds on don’t pass, the payout is 5 to 6. If you place 4 or 10, the payout is 9 to 5 with a house edge of 6,67%. The highest payouts (19 to 41) are on Lay 4 and 10 bets with the house edge of 2,45%.

The best possible strategy of craps online casino game is to stick to Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come bets. In such cases the house edge will only make up 1,40%. And if you decide to drop or choose odds, the house edge will be even lower.

Some players also use an odds craps strategy. It is quite a rare bet and has no house advantage. When the point is thrown, you can bet up to multiply your Pass line bet ‘on odds’. It usually consists of two or three times on the first wager. When placing a bet, your best option is to see the point again, before the 7 appears. The best part of such bet is that it pays real odds and you can rely on a valuable reward.

There is also an alternative craps strategy, which is called the 5-count craps method. It is a right option for players, who don’t want to feel the adrenaline rush and like to experience a relaxed game. This strategy helps to minimize the losses, while the advantages remain high. The main idea of this method is to count to five points before making the bet:

  • Zero count. The come out, which is the roll of the dice you make first;
  • One count. The count is zero as far as the roller is four, five, six, eight, nine or ten. When these numbers are rolled, your count becomes one;
  • Two-four count. You will obtain one point for every roll on the dice until you have reached four count;
  • Five count. When you have reached a four count, the shooter needs to roll four, five, six, eight, nine or ten to add the fifth point;
  • Make a bet. When you have five points, you have a chance to make a bet.

Craps tips and tricks

Casino craps tables are popular all over the world due to the diversity of rules and strategies to use. That is why it is very important to learn about the tips and advices, which will help you enjoy the game and get the maximum out of it. Just make sure that you follow all the tips carefully and you will see how positive your gaming experience will be:

  • Read the rules. Each website has different variations of the game, so you need to make sure that you know everything about the bets they are using. In such a way you will be able to earn more and have a great time;
  • Bet on the pass line. It is probably the most reliable bet you can do, because it gives you the best position on the roll. You benefit if the roll is seven or eleven;
  • Stay away from Proposition bets. In such situation the house roll is very big and the bets are settled following a single roll.

You should also pay attention to the most common phrases, which will help you master the rules of craps:

  • Two ways, which means that you are betting for yourself and for the dealer;
  • Working/off. It means that you want to resume the game or suspend play on the particular wagers;
  • Inside/ outside numbers. For example, numbers like 5,6,8 or 9 are called inside;
  • High or heavy. Such bet means that it includes two or more numbers;
  • Press. It is a call, when you want to increase your bet. It is a signal for the dealer, so you need to be careful with this word.

If you want to succeed in the game, you need to be aware of the possible bets:

  • Pass line. It is probably the most important bet in the game. You put your wager on the line and if the roll is 7 or 11, you win. If 2,3 or 12, you lose;
  • Buy the odds. You have a chance to bet three times on the odds. It is an additional bet and the probability is less than 50%, so you will win more than you bet;
  • Don’t pass. If the first roll is 2 or 3, you will earn even payout. If it is 7 or 11, you will lose;
  • Place bets. You win if you wager on 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 and if your number appears before 7. You have a chance to remove the bet any time you want and unlike buying the odds, you don’t need to have a pass line bet;
  • Buy bets. It has the same logics as the place pets but a different payout. When you make a bet, you pay 4% of commission and fair odds are paid if your bet wins;
  • Hard ways. You can bet that a pair of two’s or any other way with a total of 4 will be rolled before 7. The payout rate is 7:1 or 9:1;
  • Big 6/8. If you bet that 6 or 8 will roll before 7, you will be payed even money.

Knowing all these craps tips, as well as special bets and phrases will definitely make you an experienced player and will give you a chance to enjoy a safe and profitable game.