Three Card Poker

Dealer reveals cards in three card poker

Three card poker сan be played in The Ante and Play modes. Both of them are played against the dealer, not involving other players. After the bets are made, 3 cards are dealt and the player has a chance to drop the cards or go on by placing a wager. When the Ante is equal, the hands are exposed. The dealer needs to have queen or higher to continue the play.

In case the dealer doesn’t play, the Ante wagers are  paid out 1 to 1. If the dealer plays, the hands are compared. Depending on the website, the payouts differ according to tied hands and many other situations, which are solved individually.

If the combination is straight or higher, the Ante Bonus is paid. For example, the bonus makes up 5 to 1 per straight flush and 4 to 1 per 3 cards of one kind. Three card poker free Pair Plus means that the wager loses if there is less than a pair in a hand. The same wager wins if the hand has a pair or higher. In such a case, the dealer hand has no importance and the payoff is conducted in any case. It’s important to pick a good online casino if you’re planning to play three card poker online.

Short history of three card poker

Online three card poker is a relatively new game (even for online casino), which was invented by Derek Webb in 1994. He wanted to make the poker game faster and combined the simplicity of rules, high payouts and impressive high edge to attract the casinos. It was sold to multiple companies and is now a part of most of the casinos on the web.

Rules and strategies

The best and most popular 3 card poker strategy is to raise if you have a queen, a 6 and a 4 (or higher) in one hand, not depending on the bonus pay table. Generally, the player may lose 8,66% of the ante and gain 5,29% if raising.

If you want to play Three Card Poker properly, you should remember that the hands are scored based on the highest card, so if one has queen/8/2 and you have queen/6/4, you will lose. In such a case, 8 beats 6, while your 4 has no importance. Such selection of a borderline hand is explained by simple calculations. If you raise on queen/6/3, you can lose 1,002 units. But if you raise on queen/6/4, you may lose less than 1 unit.

Three card poker tips and tricks

Online 3 card poker is quite a challenging game, where the outcome greatly depends on your behavior and decisions. That is why we want to share some tips to make your gaming experience as pleasant as possible:

  • Raise your bet only if you have a combination of queen/6/4 or higher;
  • Select a website with highest payouts. For example, Microgaming software offers a 40x payout for a Straight Flush combination, while other websites are not so generous. Be aware of all the terms to get the maximum out of the game;
  • Make sure you have enough cash. This reserve will ensure you not to lose your bet if you have a winning combination;
  • Tied hands. This situation occurs if you and the dealer have same combinations. Try to find a website, which selects your combination a winning hand in such a situation.

Following these simple rules and paying attention to the details will surely help you get the maximum out of the game.