Keno balls and tickets

Keno is surely one of the most popular casino games not only in New Zealand, but also worldwide. It is played both by children and their grandparents, on holidays or after lunch. The rules are simple and anyone can learn how to play keno even if despite you didn’t have a chance to learn more about the game beforehand.

It is a game of luck and every player needs to select twenty (or less) numbers from 1 to 80. Then the computer chooses random digits and players need to match the result or, simply, winning numbers with the numbers they have chosen. Keno is similar to Bingo, although you won’t have to yell ‘Bingo’ if you collect a winning combination.

The live version of this game is played with the help of a paper and a pen, where a person needs to mark out the numbers to match them. The winning numbers are taken out from a hopper. However, modern online versions, like keno NZ, can be played from home. A player should only select options on the screen, while the computer will do the rest.

Short history of keno

NZ keno as we know it is a game with a bright history and has changed throughout the centuries, depending on the country it was played in. First, it emerged in China a few centuries ago. Initially it consisted of 120 Chinese symbols but the number later reduced to 90 and was called Chinese Lottery. It quickly gained popularity and Americans joined the game, reducing the number of symbols to 80. In the beginning of the 20th century, Chinese characters were replaced by Arabic numbers to make it easier for American and European players.

Chinese Lottery wasn’t legalized at first, when gambling was officially introduced in 1931. However, clever operators changed the name to Race Horse Keno and each number was thought to be a horse. When the laws were circumvented and the game was legalized, the name was changed to Keno, as we know it nowadays.

Rules and strategies

There are several general rules you need to follow:

  1. After making the bet, you need to select the numbers from 1 to 80 on your screen. Depending on the version of the game, you may select various quantity of numbers
  2. The game will choose twenty balls
  3. If the ball matches, it is called a ‘catch’. The more catches you have, the higher your earnings are

If you already know how to play keno, you should also find out more about the strategies to use in order to win profits or at least not to waste your money. Remember that it is a game of luck and there are no proven strategies, as with baccarat or poker.

Actually, the main strategy is to select the best casino in New Zealand with the most attractive deals. Don’t settle down in the first available casino. Remember that the competition is huge and most of them offer amazing bonuses to new players. Therefore, the best strategy you can use is to select a casino, which will make your keno game as beneficial as possible.

Another useful strategy is to play a free game before betting real money. Many people, who play online keno in New Zealand, prefer trial versions to learn more about the casino, talk to other players and get information about the bonuses before making a deposit.

Keno tips and tricks

Keno casino games can be considered games of pure luck, because the system uses a Random Number Generator and there is no way you can influence the selection of the winning numbers. That is why NZ keno odds are the lowest among other games and you don’t need to rely on high and easy profits.

However, there are some tips, which can help you make the gambling experience as interesting and fun, as possible:

  • Don’t think too much about picking a certain number. Remember that the system is completely automatic and it doesn’t matter whether you choose a number sequence or your relatives’ birthdays. Most of the casinos even have a ‘quick pick’ option, when the numbers are selected by the computer;
  • If you want to save money, stick to multi-race cards. These cards have the same numbers during a range of games, so you won’t have to select them over and over again;
  • Don’t make big wagers. Typically, the house edge at keno ranges from 25% to 40%, which means that the casino will have NZ$ 40 of your NZ$ 100 bet. So most of the times you will lose and there is no point in placing large bets;
  • Keno is a speedy game and you usually don’t have to wait until the game ends if you see that your numbers are not matching. This means that you will move from one game to another placing too many bets and wasting too much money. Slow down!